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New York Province and New York State

Nova Belgica et Anglia Nova., 1662.
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Willem Blaeu's map of New Netherland, right, with its westward orientation and population of notable animals, is a delightful introduction to this new world open for trade. This map is illustrated with Native American canoes and two distinct palisaded villages, images probably copied from Theodore De Bry's earlier published reports about America, not from life.

Named by Charles II after his brother, the Duke of York, later James II of England, New York had been explored earlier by the French and the Dutch, and their maps often reflect an interest in the fur trade, and Native American contacts. Many of the early maps on this website are invaluable for what they tell us obliquely about the Native American presence on the land and contact with the European settlers.

New-York state and the surrounding country., 1839.
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