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Russia Engages the World, 1453-1825
1453 Through the Reign of Ivan the Terrible (1533-1584) The Time of Troubles to the First Romanovs (1598-1682) Peter the Great and His Legacy (1682-1762) The Age of Catherine the Great (1762-1801) The Reign of Emperor Alexander I (1801-1825)


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  Russia Events
Russia Symbol The June Coup (June 28, 1762)
Russia Symbol Red Convocation of the Legislative Commission (1767)
Russia Symbol Pugachev Rebellion (1773–74)
Russia Symbol Charter of the Towns (1785)
Russia Symbol Founding of the Smolnyi Institute
  World Events
World Symbol
The French Revolution Begins, 1789
World Symbol Revolt on the Island of Saint-Domingue (present-day Haiti), 1791
World Symbol
The French Expedition to Egypt, 1798–99
World Symbol
The French Civil Code Is Issued, 1804

Russia's Globalization:
A Key

Events marked Russia Symbol are specific to Muscovy/Russia's internal development.
Those marked World Symbol are important world historical or cultural events.
Engagement Symbol indicates specific points of sociocultural or military engagement between Muscovy/Russia and foreign powers or individuals.




  St. Petersburg’s Popular Types
NYPL, Spencer Collection

During the Pugachev Uprising (1773–75), when East and South Russia fell under the control of rebels, local administration broke down and proved to government officials that it needed to be completely overhauled. As part of this process, Catherine issued a document defining the privileges of various strata of the urban population as well as the organization and activities of merchants’ and artisans’ guilds. The charter also provided for a new system of urban self-government, including a town council of six members that would run the city services. The complex structure of urban government appeared democratic, but assured control by the wealthiest merchants.

  St. Petersburg’s Popular Types
NYPL, Spencer Collection