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Russia Engages the World, 1453-1825
1453 Through the Reign of Ivan the Terrible (1533-1584) The Time of Troubles to the First Romanovs (1598-1682) Peter the Great and His Legacy (1682-1762) The Age of Catherine the Great (1762-1801) The Reign of Emperor Alexander I (1801-1825)


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The Age of Catherine the Great: A Summary of Russian History
Russia Symbol Introduction
Russia Symbol The Husband
Russia Symbol The Enlightened Absolutist Monarch
Russia Symbol Catherine's Foreign Policy
Russia Symbol Paul I
The Age of Catherine the Great: A Summary of World History
The Americas

Russia's Globalization:
A Key

Events marked Russia Symbol are specific to Muscovy/Russia's internal development.
Those marked World Symbol are important world historical or cultural events.
Engagement Symbol indicates specific points of sociocultural or military engagement between Muscovy/Russia and foreign powers or individuals.




The late 18th century saw the defeat of a world power – Great Britain – at the hands of a distant colony whose population, for the most part, had its origins in the "mother country." Indigenous movements opposing colonial rule in the French colony of Saint-Domingue (Haiti), and, in the early 19th century, against Spanish and Portuguese colonial rule in Latin America were all inspired and guided to some degree by Enlightenment principles, put into practice.

However, for European monarchies – Russia included – the prospect of rebellious territories seeking independence from the "mother" country paled in comparison with the violently anti-monarchical revolution in France. Questioning the right of a distant land to rule a territory was one thing; to articulate ideas that threatened the very existence of monarchical rule was something far more immediate, and threatening.

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