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American Shores Maps of the Middle Atlantic Region to 1850 The New York Public Library
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This small map, only 5 x 6 cm., is one of only four maps that appear in a tiny pocket almanac, possibly owned by noted Restoration-era scientist Robert Hooke (this attribution is based on the 17th-century signature inside the cover). The map has little detail, but its bright original coloring attracts the eye. Virginia is named, and the Chesapeake region is seen in the wider American context.

Middle Atlantic colonies and states on Western Hemisphere maps are clearly placed in the context of their West Indies trading partners and northern South American markets. The hint of closer links to European nations is shown when Great Britain and Ireland or Portugal and Spain peak over the edge of the map. The way a mapmaker chooses to "project" the round earth on flat paper means that various Western Hemisphere maps will display, or not display, European coastlines.


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