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Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean, ca. 1720.
catalog record

This beautifully hand-colored 17th-century nautical chart is most notable for the rhumblines that cover the face of the map in a web of diagonal lines. These span out from the brilliantly colored compass roses which dot the map, and show compass directions. The fleur-de-lis always points north, and the Maltese cross points east to the Holy Land. Notice all the early placenames along the Middle Atlantic shoreline from Philadelphia (founded only 10 years before this map was published!) to Cape Lookout.

From New York south to the Chesapeake, the river-laced Middle Atlantic colonies had easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and its water links to markets in London and the West Indies.

Atlantic Ocean, 1682.
catalog record

This is one plate in Atlas Maritimus . . ., a miniature pocket atlas by John Seller, Hydrographer to the King (Charles II) in 1682. The atlas was printed by Ann Godbid, one of a very few women printers in London at this time.


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