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Statuary coming to life

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El Burlador de Sevilla (Tirso de Molina, 1616), Don Juan and Don Giovanni narratives

In Tirso de Molina's 1616 play, El Burlador de Sevilla, the statue of a man slain by his daughter's seducer comes to life on stage to bring punishment. Two adaptations of this classic of the Spanish theatre have also become popular throughout the western world. Engravings and costume designs document centuries of productions of Molière's play Don Juan, ou le Festin de Pierre (1665) and Mozart's opera Don Giovanni (1787), as well as versions for popular theater and film.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo da Ponte
First edition of full score to Il dissoluto punito, osia Don Giovanni
Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, [1801]
Toscanini Legacy, Music Division
Patricia Zipprodt
Costume design for "The Commandatore" in Don Giovanni, unrealized design for the Metropolitan Opera Association, 1975
Bequest of Patricia Zipprodt, Billy Rose Theatre Collection
John Barrymore in Don Juan (Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. and The Vitaphone Corp., 1926)
Rotogravure from The NY World "Don Juan" Supplement, August 8, 1926
Billy Rose Theatre Collection

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