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 Theatrical Device
 Creative Process


Transformations was curated by Barbara Cohen-Stratyner, Judy R. and Alfred A. Rosenberg Curator of Exhibitions, and developed with the staff of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Jacqueline Z. Davis, Executive Director. The staff curatorial team consisted of Susan T. Sommer; Frances Barulich, Angélica Capeci, Charles Eubanks, Patrick Hoffman, Bob Kosovsky, Donald McCormick, Madeleine Nichols, Karen Nickeson, Alan Pally, Else Peck, Robert Taylor, Mark Tolleson, Sara Velez, and Kevin Winkler. The section Musical Transformations was curated by Frances Barulich. The Artifacts of Recorded Sound section was curated by Donald McCormick and Adrian Cosentini.

The exhibition was designed by Stephen Saitas Designs and constructed by Insight Group. It was installed by the Library's Shelby Cullom Davis Museum: Donald J. Vlack, resident Designer; Robert McGlynn, brochure and label design; Anthony Walcott, Herbert Ruiz, and Rene Ronda, Installers. The exhibit website was developed and designed by Chris Mulholland, Jonathan Blanc, and April Cech of The Research Libraries' Digital Library Program. Exhibition graphics were designed by Kara van Woerden and Suzanne Doig of the Library's Graphics Office. For their work on this project, we thank copy writer Mary Beth Rosenthal; Barbara Bergeron of the Library's Publications Office; Grace Owen, Conservator for the Dance Division; Mark Reeves, Head, Barbara Goldsmith Preservation Division- Goldsmith Conservation Laboratory; and Adrian Cosentini and Daniel Sbardella, sound engineers. We are grateful to the many staff members of the Library for the Performing Arts' research divisions and circulating collections for their support, assistance, and suggestions.

We thank the following for assistance and permission to use material in the exhibition and website: The George Balanchine Trust; Pat Scott, for the Estate of Talley Beatty; Deena Burton; Center for Traditional Music and Dance; Character Generators Video, Inc.; Ana Chávez; Dianne Chilgren; Concert Royal; George T. Creegan; Andrei Dokukin; Mrs. Margaret Fehl, for the Estate of Fred Fehl; Philip Glass; Susan Satz, for the Estate of Benny Goodman; Wendy Hilton; Ron Honsa; In Jung Huh; Tavia Ito and Mystic Fire Video; Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival; Betty Jones; Rivka Katvan; Sylvia Koner; José Limón Dance Foundation; Michael Maule; Shirley Hawkins, Executrix, Colin McPhee Estate; Mariette Monpierre; Ella Thompson Moore; Anne Murphy; New York Baroque Dance Company; Rudolf Nureyev Foundation; Eiko Otake; Pennebaker Associates, Inc.; Rajkumari Cultural Center; Luis Miguel Rodriguez-Villa; Pablo Francisco Ruvalcaba Tovar; Schott Musik International; Estate of Soichi Sunami; Maria Tallchief; Thirteen WNET, New York; Carol Gruenke, Max Waldman Archives; Penny Ward; Robert Wilson; and World Music Institute.


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