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Close-Ups in The Vincent Astor Gallery

Gender Impersonation

Performers who transform from male to female, or from female to male, are represented in photographs of before, after and during. Historical and contemporary examples include Gertrude Hoffmann, the Trocadero Gloxinia ballet troupe, Ethyl Eichelberger, John Cameron Mitchell, and John Kelly. Early 20th century star Julian Eltinge is represented by colorful posters and through the correspondence and research notes of more recent impersonators Charles Pierce and Kitt Russell, as they planned a tribute to him.

Cousin Lucy (by Charles Klein and Jerome Kern)
Poster of Julian Eltinge in the title role
New York: H. C. Miner Lithography Co., 1915
Billy Rose Theatre Collection
Vesta Tilley
Caricature by L. J. Binns, ca. 1906
L. J. Binns Caricatures, Billy Rose Theatre Collection

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