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Russia Engages the World, 1453-1825
1453 Through the Reign of Ivan the Terrible (1533-1584) The Time of Troubles to the First Romanovs (1598-1682) Peter the Great and His Legacy (1682-1762) The Age of Catherine the Great (1762-1801) The Reign of Emperor Alexander I (1801-1825)


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The Reign of Emperor Alexander I (1801-1825): A Summary of Russian History
Russia Symbol Introduction
Russia Symbol In the Spirit of His Grandmother
Russia Symbol A Law-based State
Russia Symbol The Napoleonic Wars
The Reign of Emperor Alexander I (1801-1825): A Summary of World History

Russia's Globalization:
A Key

Events marked Russia Symbol are specific to Muscovy/Russia's internal development.
Those marked World Symbol are important world historical or cultural events.
Engagement Symbol indicates specific points of sociocultural or military engagement between Muscovy/Russia and foreign powers or individuals.



    Russia’s Empire Piques the English Reader

  Russia’s Empire Piques the English Reader
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  Robert Lyall (d. 1831)
The Character of the Russians, and a Detailed History of Moscow
London: T. Cadell, 1823
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In the wars against revolutionary and Napoleonic France from 1792 to 1815, Russia and England were allies (except for two brief intervals). England heavily subsidized Russia’s war effort and was also its most valuable trading partner, importing naval stores, lumber, hemp, pitch, and wheat. Although a number of individual Britons had visited or resided in Russia during the 18th century, the British public of the time had little knowledge of the empire’s vast land and peoples. The long common alliance stimulated the publication of a flow of books, prints, and maps describing the Russian ally’s past and present circumstances.