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Letters to Sala

Letters to Sala


Raizel Garncarz
Postcard to Sala Garncarz, in German, Sosnowitz, Poland, May 13, 1941
NYPL, Dorot Jewish Division, Sala Garncarz Kischner Collection

Dear Sala!

Here we write again. At long last, we’re sending you the clothes you asked for…. I can’t think of anything more because I am presently over at L.D.’s [Laja Dina’s]….

Yes, concerning food, we unfortunately sent very little: Some cookies, a lemon, some sugar. If it weren’t for these dire straits, things would be different, Sala, believe me! Today we received 4 RM [Reichsmark] 20 pfennigs—imagine. They say that you are entitled to 30 pfennigs per day and that you actually received 15 pf for 28 days. That’s what they’re saying, but nobody knows for sure. Please tell us exactly how much you’re making, but write clearly.

Then, thank God, our dear mother is feeling better, maybe she will be able to get up soon. It’s about time, but she is still very weak. Only one thing is sure: If you came, she would be well. I believe and I’m quite sure that you’ll be here for the holidays to calm our dear mother down. Otherwise there is nothing special to impart. We are well and getting ready to have a guest. Is Mila G. with you? She left home for work but she hasn’t written yet. Warm regards and kisses from all of us. Give best regards to the Pachta family. Regards from L.D., husband, and children.


Many regards to Ala.