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Russia Engages the World, 1453-1825
1453 Through the Reign of Ivan the Terrible (1533-1584) The Time of Troubles to the First Romanovs (1598-1682) Peter the Great and His Legacy (1682-1762) The Age of Catherine the Great (1762-1801) The Reign of Emperor Alexander I (1801-1825)


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Engagement Symbol A 17th century view of Moscow
European Cartographers Map the World

Russia's Globalization:
A Key

Events marked Russia Symbol are specific to Muscovy/Russia's internal development.
Those marked World Symbol are important world historical or cultural events.
Engagement Symbol indicates specific points of sociocultural or military engagement between Muscovy/Russia and foreign powers or individuals.



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A 17th century view of Moscow
Adam Olearius (1603-1671)
Voyages très curieux… en Muscovie, Tartarie, et Perse...
Leide: P. vander Aa, 1719
NYPL, Slavic and Baltic Division

The walled city of Moscow, as it appeared during the reign of the first Romanovs. Olearius served as Ambassador of the Duchy of Holstein to the court of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich (r. 1613-1645), the first Romanov Tsar. The Kremlin is the roughly triangular section at center.