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A Record of Place: all five boroughs

Scenes from all five boroughs of New York—schools, parks, churches, museums, libraries, office buildings, hovels and mansions—have been selected to tantalize the viewer into venturing to the Picture Collection at Mid-Manhattan Library to scour through thousands of images depicting New York neighborhoods from the arrival of the Dutch in New York harbor to the opening of the Bronx Library Center in 2006. A dip into these images offers a refreshing look at a city surrounded by water.

The Lake, Van Cortland Park, N.Y.
Digital ID: 836909

Scene on the beach, Coney Island, N.Y.
Digital ID: 836501

Bird’s-eye view of Lower New York
Digital ID: 836033

Broad Channel, L.I., New York
Digital ID: 836925

Staten Island
Willowbrook, S.I., N.Y.
Digital ID: 836983