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How to find the postcards

To see all the Historical Postcards of New York City from the Picture Collection in no particular order:

To search for a postcard on a particular topic:

  postcards Chinatown
postcards Woolworth Building
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    • Click on “Go”
  • Or, just enter include the terms postcards and New York City followed by your search terms in the search box of the NYPL Digital Gallery.

To browse the list of topics under which the postcards are categorized:


   New York City -- Wall Street -- 1800s
   New York City -- Washington Square
   New York City -- Washington Square -- 1800s
   New York City -- Welfare Island
   New York City -- Yorkville
   New York City -- air views -- 1800s
   New York City -- air views -- 1900s
   New York City -- apartment houses
   New York City -- aquariums
   New York City -- armories
   New York City -- art galleries & shows
   New York City -- auditoriums
   New York City -- banks
   New York City -- banks --1899 & earlier
   New York City -- bars
   New York City -- bathing beaches

Selecting a subject heading will retrieve all images from the Picture Collection that are assigned to the topic.  The postcards will be among the last images to be displayed.