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Russia Engages the World, 1453-1825
1453 Through the Reign of Ivan the Terrible (1533-1584) The Time of Troubles to the First Romanovs (1598-1682) Peter the Great and His Legacy (1682-1762) The Age of Catherine the Great (1762-1801) The Reign of Emperor Alexander I (1801-1825)

This checklist is a record of the items, in order and by section, on view in the exhibition Russia Engages the World, 14531825 (October 3, 2003–January 31, 2004).

Russia: A Distant World

The World: Engaging Asia

Russia’s Peter the Great and His City

Russia’s 18th-century Court

The World: Engaging Northern and Central Europe

Russia’s Catherine the Great

Russian Exploration

The World: Engaging the Muslim Empires

Russia and the West Interact

Russia’s 18th-century Court

The items in this section highlight the splendor and scandals of the europeanized Russian court in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Catherine’s Dazzling Benefaction
Evangelie naprestol’noe [Altar Gospels]
Moscow, 1791
NYPL, Rare Books Division

Dedication to the “Sun”
Honoré J. Dalmas (d. 1829)
Le nouveau siècle. Invocation au soleil [The New Century. An Invocation to the Sun]
St. Petersburg: Imprimerie Impériale, 1800
NYPL, Rare Books Division

A Russian Ice Folly
Georg Wolfgang Krafft (1701–1754)
Description et répresentation exacte de la maison de glace, construite à St. Pétersbourg au mois de janvier 1740 [A Description and Exact Representation of the House of Ice, Constructed in St. Petersburg in the Month of January 1740]
St. Petersburg: L’Académie des Sciences, 1741
NYPL, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs, Art and Architecture Collection

Russia’s Treasure House
“The State Sword,” from:
Istoricheskoe opisanie Drevniago rossiiskago muzeia  [Historical Description of the Ancient Russian Museum]
Moscow: Imperatorskii Moskovskii Universitet , 1807
NYPL, Slavic and Baltic Division

The Romanov’s Heirs Saluted by Venice
Angelo Nonni (fl. late 18th century)
Descrizione degli spettacoli, e feste datesi in Venezia [Description of the Spectacles and Festivities Given in Venice]
Venice: V. Formaleoni, 1782
NYPL, Spencer Collection

The Romanov’s Heirs Saluted by Venice
Giorgio Fossati (1706–1778)
Currus triumphales ad adventum clarissimorum Moschoviae principum Pauli Petrovitz et Mariae Theodorownae [Triumphal Chariots Used for the Arrival of the Exalted Princes of Muscovy, Paul Petrovich and Maria Fedorovna (the First)]
Venice: Fossati, [1782]
NYPL, Spencer Collection

The Attention and Favor of Catherine’s Son
Paul I, Emperor of Russia (1754–1801)
Imperial Charter issued by Emperor Paul I, granting titles and lands for service
[St. Petersburg], October 24, 1797
NYPL, Spencer Collection

Fireworks for the New Empress Anna
“Fireworks Display on the Day of the Coronation of Empress Anna, April 30, 1730,” from:
Opisanie koronatsii … Anny Ioannovny [Description of the Coronation of … Anna Ioannovna]
[Moscow]: Senatskaia Tipografiia, 1730
NYPL, Slavic and Baltic Division

A Gift from an Empress
Snuffbox. By Georg Friedrich Eckardt (active 1730s; d. 1765)
Gold, repoussé
Russia, ca. 1750
Private Collection

A Regal Cup
Goblet (pokal) made to commemorate the coronation of Empress Elizabeth
Engraved and gilded glass
Russia, ca. 1741
Courtesy of A La Vieille Russie

Peter’s Daughter Ascends the Throne
“The Entrance of Empress Elizabeth into Moscow for Her Coronation,” from:
Obstoiatel’noe opisanie … koronovaniia …Imperatritsy Elisavety Petrovny [Detailed Description of the Coronation of … Empress Elizabeth Petrovna]
St. Petersburg: Imperatorskaia Akademiia Nauk, 1744
NYPL, Slavic and Baltic Division

Russia Rewards Its Multinational Servants
Order of St. Anne, First Class, Civil Rank
Gold, enamel, jewels
Russia, ca. 1750–1850
The American Numismatic Society, New York (1924.206.1)

Fit for Catherine’s Table
Porcelain plate (St. Andrew’s Service)
Meissen, Germany, 1743
Private Collection, New York

Catherine’s Historic Feast
Jean Louis de Veilly (fl. 1759–1763)
Engraving depicting the coronation banquet of Catherine II
[St. Petersburg], ca. 1762; printed 1857
NYPL, Slavic and Baltic Division

A Russian Aristocratic Life
Mikhail Ivanovich Makhaev (1716–1770)
Répresentation exacte des edifices et du jardin, qui se trouvent dans une des maisons de plaisance nommée Sailo Kouskowa [An Exact Depiction of the Buildings and Garden in the Country Residence Named Kuskovo Village]
[Paris: Laurent, Barabé, Denizard, engravers, 1778–79]
NYPL, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs, Art and Architecture Collection

Catherine’s Viceroy and “Favorite”
Jeanne Éleonore de Cérenville (1738–1807)
Memoirs of the Life of Prince Potemkin
London: H. Colburn, 1812
NYPL, General Research Division

Spreading French Gossip
Claude Carloman de Rulhière (1734–1791)
A History, or Anecdotes, of the Revolution in Russia, in the Year 1762
Boston: Printed by Manning & Loring, for J. Nancrede, 1798
NYPL, Rare Books Division

Behind Closed and Guarded Doors
Erotic watercolor
Russia, ca. 1790s
NYPL, Slavic and Baltic Division

Justifying a Son’s Condemnation
Mémoires en forme de manifeste, sur le procez criminel jugé & publié à S. Pétersbourg en Moscovie le 25. juin 1718 [A Report in the Form of a Manifesto on the Criminal Process Adjudicated and Published in St. Petersburg in the Kingdom of Muscovy on June 25, 1718]
Nancy: Jean de la Rivière, 1718
NYPL, Slavic and Baltic Division

Losing Life and Throne
Eléazar de Mauvillon (1712–1779)
Histoire de la vie, du règne, et du détrônement d’Iwan III. [i.e., VI] empereur de Russie [A History of the Life, Reign, and Dethronement of Ivan VI, Emperor of Russia]
London, 1766
NYPL, General Research Division

Rebellion of the Lower Classes – Redux
Le faux Pierre III; ou, La vie et les avantures du rebelle Jemeljan Pugatschew [The False Peter III, or, The Life and Adventures of the Rebel Emel’ian Pugachev]
London: C. H. Seyffert, 1775
NYPL, General Research Division

A Deposed Emperor
Jean-Charles Laveaux (1749–1827)
Histoire de Pierre III, empereur de Russie [A History of Peter III, Emperor of Russia]
Paris: La Briffe, [1799]
NYPL, General Research Division