Glass stereographs of the eastern United States. 1850s.

A selection of eight albumen stereographs on glass (transparencies) by Bierstadt Bros. and Frederick Langenheim depict New York City and the Hudson Valley in the 1850s. To see more than one thousand additional stereoscopic views -- search "Hudson River" in the Library's Small Town America website.
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Rockwood's Classic Grounds of American Authors: Irving. 1864.

Photographer George G. Rockwood also photographed the homes and haunts of other writers. The images are actual photographic prints "tipped-in" to the pages. They represent some of the earliest photographic views of the Hudson River region.
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Panorama of the Hudson showing both sides of the river. 1910.

The photographs show the route from New York to Albany "as seen on the deck of the Hudson River Day Line Steamers." This series is the first photo-panorama of any river even published. It shows one hundred fifty miles of "continuous scenery accurately represented" from eight hundred consecutive photographs, compiled by Wallace Bruce.
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