A New Map of the Hudson River. 1829.

Published by W. Cammeyer, Jr. in Albany, the map shows the height of natural features and indicates relief by hachures. There are notes inside the front cover and a distance table inside the back cover.
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Wade & Croome's Panorama of the Hudson River from New York To Albany. 1846.

Published by J. Disturnell from drawings by engraver William Wade, this small folding panoramic map sketches the sights along the shores of the Hudson from Albany to New York City.

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The Hudson by Daylight Map. 1878.

Published by William F. Link for the New York and Albany Dayline, the map shows "the prominent residences, historic landmarks, old reaches of the Hudson, Indian names, &c."

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Cyclist's road map of the Hudson River

Published by George H. Walker & Co., Boston, the map reflects the growing interest in bicycling for recreation in the 1890s.

Panorama of the Hudson showing both sides of the river from New York to Albany as seen on the deck of the Hudson River Day Line Steamers. First photo-panorama of any river even published. One hundred fifty miles of continuous scenery accurately represented from eight hundred consecutive photographs. Wallace Bruce, comp. 1910.
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