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A War in Perspective, 1898-1998: Public Appeals, Memory and the Spanish-American Conflict





February 24 Second War for Independence from Spain begins in Cuba
May 19 Cuban patriot José Martí killed in action at Dos Ríos, Cuba

August  Separatist uprising against Spain begins in the Philippines
December 7 Separatist General Antonio Maceo killed in Cuba
December 30 Filipino reformist Jose Rizal executed in Manila

February 15 U.S. battleship Maine explodes in Havana's harbor
April 19–25 U.S. Congress Joint Resolution approves military intervention; Spain declares war; United States issues formal declaration retroactive to April 20
May 1 Commodore George Dewey leads naval victory in Manila Bay
May 21 U.S. Navy takes control of Guam
June 15–July 6 Hawaii annexed by U.S. Congress Joint Resolution

June 29

Skirmish between U.S. and Spanish troops at Las Guásimas, near Santiago, Cuba
July 1 Battles of El Caney and San Juan Hill, Cuba
July 3 Spanish Admiral Pascual Cervera's fleet destroyed off Santiago Bay, Cuba
July 25 U.S. forces land in Guánica, Puerto Rico
August 12–13 Truce between Spain and the United States; Manila surrendered by Spaniards
December 10 Treaty of Paris formalizes Spain's losses

February 4 Philippine-American War begins

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