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Theodore Roosevelt to Francis V. Greene. Typed letter signed, Washington, D.C., January 13, 1898.
NYPL, Manuscripts and Archives Division, Francis V. Greene Papers

Transcript of letter:

January 13, 1898.

My dear Colonel Greene:

In view of this morning's news from Havana it seems to me possible, although not probable, that we may have trouble with Spain. If so, I must ask you to let me know just as soon as possible if I can go under you as one your majors. I am going to go somehow. I think I could probably be of assistance to you in seeing that the regiment was taken into active service at once, and I know I could very speedily perform the duties to your satisfaction. I will have to know so as to shape my course.

Sincerely yours,
Theodore Roosevelt

P.S. I have recommended to the Secretary today to establish a dry dock board to oversee the building of dry docks, the board to consist of five members, two to be civilians, and one of these civilians to be George C. Greene. His displacement was a typical Tammany act.

Colonel Frank Greene
33 East 30th St.,
New York.

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