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"Lista de contribuyentes" [List of Contributors]. From: Book of Minutes of the Las Dos Antillas Political Club as recorded by Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, Secretary. 1892–1897.
NYPL, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division

Among the Puerto Ricans politically active in New York was the young Arturo Alfonso Schomburg (Santurce, P.R. 1874–New York 1938) who served as secretary of the political club Las Dos Antillas, created in April 1892, until 1896. This Puerto Rican–Cuban group, whose honorary presidents were Betances and Maceo, sponsored speeches by separatist leaders such as JosÚ MartÝ. The group corresponded with other similar groups, such as the Hijas de Betances of Philadelphia, and its members actively contributed to the Cuban cause, as shown by the list of donors recorded in the organization's handwritten minutes. Schomburg’s collection of materials devoted to black history and culture became the nucleus of what is now one of the four research centers of The New York Public Library.

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