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Diary of D. A. Robinson (June 14–September 30, 1898) and Albert S. Sonnichsen (December 3–31, 1899).
NYPL, Manuscripts and Archives Division, Sonnichsen Family Papers

Here, a soldier relates his experience in the Philippines. D. A. Robinson records his impressions of the early stages of the campaign in a diary.

Transcript of diary:

...the German fleet. Lighters from Cavite were being towed in, loaded with stores for the soldiers. I managed to get a passage back on a launch and was put aboard in time to report for duty.

   The soldiers had also done some fighting in entering the city. Five Americans were killed, but hundreds of Spaniards. Dewey's shots did great damage to the enemy's fortifications. A torpedo boat lay half sunk and half burnt in the river Pasig when I passed, and the whole entrance was full of sunken boats, lighters, launches, etc.

Aug. 15. Some sick sailors came aboard to-day from the fleet, indicating a speedy departure.

Aug. 18. Left the coal ship this morning and are now anchored off the mouth of the Pasig. Went aboard the Olympia this morning.

Aug. 21. S.S. China has been sent to Hong Kong for dispatches, and we expect to have as soon as she returns.

Aug. 23. Are still laying off the river, in hourly expectation of leaving. All shore leave has been stopped.

Aug. 24. Last night we...


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