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John Seller
"A chart of the Sea Coasts of New=England, New=Jarsey Virginia
Maryland . . ."
In: Atlas Terrestris
London, 1680
Slaughter 489 in Slaughter 316

This is one plate from a composite atlas, the Atlas Terrestris, dated 1680, that Seller was pulling together for publication. A very early English chart, its style offers a contrast to earlier Dutch charts of the region, as seen elsewhere in this exhibit.

The open shield at the lower right was available for a fee for the map purchaser's coat of arms. Royal coats of arms delineate territorial claims, with Charles II's dominating the map from New England to Virginia. Two regional coats decorate New Jersey and Maryland, probably for William Penn and Lord Baltimore respectively. Detailed soundings off the Chesapeake Bay reflect Seller's hydrographic sources for this chart.

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