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"In thy map securely saile" was curated by Alice C. Hudson, Chief, Map Division.

The curator would like to extend personal thanks to the staff of the Map Division for their contributions to the research, presentation, and success of this exhibit: Stephan Saks, Nancy Kandoian, Tom Bourke, and especially Kris Cheppaikode, for his computer wizardry. Thanks also to volunteers Web Wheelock and Edie Haig for their research assistance.

Thanks to the Chiefs, Curators, and staffs of the following Humanities and Social Sciences Library collections for their assistance: the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature, the General Research Division, and the Print Collection of the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs. Special thanks to Jean Bowen, Director, Humanities and Social Sciences Library, and to William Walker, Andrew W. Mellon Director of The Research Libraries, for making this happen. To David Cronin, Manager of Public Programs, and Susan Rabbiner, Assistant Manager of Exhibitions, my thanks for their good humor and support.

The curator gratefully acknowledges the contribution of E. Forbes Smiley III, whose advice and counsel were instrumental in the acquisition of the Lawrence H. Slaughter Collection for the Map Division, and whose research is found between the lines of much of the exhibition text. Thanks also to colleagues and friends around the world who generously contributed their time and knowledge via the Maphist mailing list on the Internet.

For their creativity, assistance, advice, and unstinting support, I offer thanks and praise to Jeanne Bornstein and Meg Maher of the Exhibitions Program Office and their fellow staff members: Myriam de Arteni for conservation; Barbara Suhr, Cynthia Silva, Brad Johnson, Michael Mikulay, Tom Moran, Aimee Cavazzi, Carmen Schilaci, and Jonnyka Bormann for exhibition design, installation, and preparation; and Caryn Gedell, Jean Mihich, and Megan Bongiovanni for registration.

To Ann Antoshak of the Graphics Office, for her creativity and computer artistry, giving vision and voice to this exhibit, I offer my thanks; and to Barbara Bergeron of the Publications Office, for her understanding of my intent and her way with words, my gratitude.

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EPO, 1998

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