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The New York Public Library, Berg Collection of
English and American Literature

"Waiting at the Grave."
George Cattermole's original pen-and-ink and watercolor drawing, after his wood engraving for the penultimate chapter of The Old Curiosity Shop, shows Little Nell's heartbroken grandfather sitting in "the old, dull, silent church," upon his granddaughter's grave. "In what hope he lived," Dickens writes, "no man could tell; but, that he had some hope of finding her again--some faint and shadowy hope, deferred from day to day, and making him from day to day more sick and sore at heart--was plain to all.... When it grew quite dark, he rose and returned home, and went to bed, murmuring to himself, 'She will come to-morrow!' And thenceforth, every day, and all day long, he waited at her grave, for her."